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Rhodes Wedding Documentation and Legal Requirements

Please find detailed below your legal requirements that are laid down by the Greek authorities to enable you to marry in Greece.

All documents must be originals OR certified copies and all must be legalised by a Apostille Stamp* obtained from the Foreign Commonwealth Office (FCO).

  • Full A4 Birth Certificate (with your parents details on) – one for Bride & one for the Groom. If you were born outside the United Kingdom you must provide your original birth certificate and Apostille Stamp from the country you were born in.
  • Certificate of Non-Impediment (freedom to marry) – one for Bride & one for the Groom. This document confirms you are free to marry, is obtained from your local registrar, and takes 28 days to be issued. Very important - this cannot be issued more than three months before your wedding day. You will have inform your local registrar of the address of your ceremony location, which we will advise you at the time of booking. This document is retained by the Town Hall in Rhodes.

    Tip - Count exactly 3 months and 20 days back from your wedding date; this will be the date you should have your appointment at your registry office to obtain the Certificates. We recommend you call your registry office as soon as you book your wedding to make your appointment, or confirm their appointment system.
  • Passport - We also require photocopies of inside and the identity information page, from both parties. Apostille Stamp isn’t required.
  • Names – All names on all papers must match exactly your Birth Certificate, Certificate of Non-Impediment, Passport etc must show all names exactly the same including middle names, titles and previous names. If the names do not match you will require a change name document/Deed Poll Certificate, which will also need to have an Apostille Stamp.
  • If you are divorced – a Decree Absolute signed by notary or solicitor & Apostille Stamp
  • If you have been adopted – Adoption Certificate signed by notary or solicitor & Apostille Stamp
  • If you are widowed – Spouse’s Death Certificate and previous Marriage Certificate signed by notary or solicitor & Apostille Stamp
  • If you have changed your name other than by marriage – Deed Poll Certificate or Statutory Declaration signed by notary or solicitor. (Please note: this also includes divorcees who have reverted back to their maiden name). Please ensure your DPC has been signed by a solicitor or notary.
  • If you are under 18 – Statutory declaration of consent of parent or guardian signed and stamped by a solicitor.

* What is an Apostille Stamp?

An Apostille Stamp legalises your documents and confirms they are true copies, which is necessary for the legalisation procedure to take place in Greece. Further information can be found on the FCO website: They currently cost £30 per document, payable to the FCO. We suggest you call the FCO before posting to check that all your documents are correct and in order.

All documents will be held in the local registrar office in Rhodes and are not returned to you.


Translations are arranged in Rhodes, with four documents included in our package cost (UK documents only). There will be a supplement to pay for additional documents or for document from another country.


It is your responsibility to submit the correct documents in plenty of time. We cannot guarantee that your wedding ceremony will go ahead if your paperwork is incorrect or you fail to send it in enough time for use to get translated and submitted in good time to the relevant Town Hall. We have to submit your translated documents no later than two weeks prior to your wedding date, and failure to submit in time may result in your wedding ceremony not going ahead.

Sending Documents

We recommend you use DHL to send your documents to Rhodes, as they are the only company who can deliver to Justine’s address due to the remote area she lives in. Please do not use normal postal services or Royal Mail Parcelforce as they do not track your documents to Rhodes.

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