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The Santa Maria Catholic Wedding Package

If you wish to have a Catholic ceremony on Rhodes you must have a civil ceremony in the UK or here on Rhodes before your Catholic wedding.

If you are having a civil ceremony here you will be required to stay on Rhodes for a two week holiday. You would have the civil ceremony in your first week and the Catholic ceremony at the beginning of the second week.

The Catholic Wedding Package below includes all you require to have both ceremonies in Rhodes. If you have your civil ceremony in the UK you can use any of our other wedding packages see here.

Justine at Unforgettable Rhodes Weddings arranges all catholic weddings on Rhodes on behalf of Father Luke at the Catholic Church in Rhodes Town.

Our Santa Maria Catholic Package includes everything you need for your wedding day:

  • Organization and translations of documents for civil ceremony (a maximum of 4 standard documents required for civil ceremony)¹*
  • Booking of the ceremony location for civil and catholic ceremonies
  • Confirmation of the time and date of the wedding
  • Email and telephone support prior to your wedding via our UK Administrator
  • The civil wedding ceremony prior to catholic wedding
  • The Catholic wedding ceremony
  • Stand in as witnesses if required
  • Present for signing of the Marriage license the following day
  • Wedding consultation on arrival in Rhodes
  • Visit to ceremony and reception venues
  • Your wedding certificate translated into English
  • Co-ordinator with the bride
  • Co-ordinator with the groom and the other guests at your ceremony venue
  • Co-ordinator at the reception venue until the cutting of the cake or first dance
  • A 2 tier Greek wedding cake (around 20 portions, extra kilos can be arranged)
  • A bridal bouquet and a button hole for the groom for catholic ceremony
  • Wedding photography co-ordination
  • Organsiation of reception and additional services
  • All Local Taxes
  • Please look at the extra services we can organise²*

From your Unforgettable Rhodes wedding team

  • A present for the bride and groom
  • A Complimentary bottle of champagne

Please note that if either party is divorced a marriage in the Catholic Church is not possible.

Package Total


We require a 20% deposit for the Santa Maria Catholic Wedding package which is non refundable, and we ask that the final amount is settled six weeks before the wedding day³*.

The Church requires:

  1. Letter of Freedom from your own diocese in your own country
  2. Baptism certificate
  3. Confirmation certificate
  4. Letter of Dispensation in the case of a Catholic marrying a non-Catholic
  5. Letter or certificate of marriage preparation course.
  6. Photo copies of your full A4 birth certificates
  7. Photo copy of your wedding certificate from civil ceremony

The state requires for civil ceremony

  1. Full A4 original Birth certificates
  2. Non impediment (freedom to marry paper from your local registry office)
  3. If you have changed your name - Deed poll
  4. All documents are legalised with the apostle stamp

1* A small fee applies for extra documents

2* There are many extra services available to compliment our wedding package (see the additional services menu by clicking here). We will provide a full price list of the extras available with the response to your initial enquiry.

3* Any extra services booked are paid here locally in resort.

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