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A day in the life of Justine King of Unforgettable Weddings

During the summer season as a destination wedding planner on the island of Rhodes, I spend my time making sure that all my brides have my full attention virtually 24 hours a day! I am never without my 'trusty handbag', which I keep with me at all times! You may well be surprised at exactly what this bag holds!! I keep the 'world and his wife' in my handbag during wedding season; several mobile phones, to ensure that all my staff can find me wherever I may be. Various combs and brushes, hairpins and a straightener or two, for any bride/groom needing a bit of my tender loving care at the last minute. Handfuls of tissues for Mums and Dads of brides and grooms, to keep the tears in check. Spare rings, just in case the best man fails in his special task!

You will also find several pens, for any notes that need to be noted and I always have a few random toys for any kids that need to be amused, several bottles of water, just in case anyone is suffering from dehydration from too much heat! I always have sunscreen factor 50 for anyone with the need, we don't want our couples or indeed their families and friends to turn in to the proverbial lobsters as the result of too much sun! A spare nappy for a baby, pain killers for anyone who has the need. Money, of course, just in case! Ladies products, sewing kit, glue, several USBs, safety pins, you name it, and you may well find it in my trusty handbag!!

Planning and coordinating a wedding on the Island of Rhodes

As a wedding planner on the island of Rhodes, you would think life would be all about happy couples, romance, love and laughter and of course you would be quite right, however coordinating a special day is quite a task.

Firstly, weeks ahead, we must ensure that all the legal paperwork, has been translated and submitted in good time for any couples choosing a civil marriage. The venue must be selected by the couple and confirmed alongside either the registrar or the celebrant in the case of a symbolic ceremony. The restaurant or party place also must be booked and all the plans put in place.

During the summer months, there may well be more than one wedding taking place, perhaps one at St Pauls Lindos and the other at Kalithea Springs. Although I have a fabulous team, I try to be present at absolutely every wedding! For me, this is the key, every couple is number one, and my hands-on approach is the best way to ensure everything runs to plan, and in case of any last-minute hiccups, I will be on hand to sort them out.

Wedding Planner Greece: Unforgettable Rhodes Weddings
Wedding Planner Greece: Unforgettable Rhodes Weddings

The Wedding Ceremony

Flowers must be on-site at the last minute, we don't want any wilting bouquets because of the heat. I always have one of my trusty team standing by with the bride and her family, to calm any nerves, make sure that hair and make up go to plan, and that at the right time the ordered transportation is ready and waiting. Another person will ensure that the groom and the guests are at the venue in good time for the bride's arrival. The chosen photographer will normally take some shots of the couple getting ready. Then he/she must be at the venue first to take shots of the groom arriving, alongside friends and family, then, of course, the camera must be in place for the grand arrival of the bride. For every wedding, I give the photographer the couple's photographic wish list well in advance, so that at the right time, all the perfect shots are taken.

Sound system and videographer are next if they are a part of the special day. Whilst the ceremony is taking place, a member of the team will be decorating the tables for the evening do, this may be at the same site as the ceremony, but it may also be in another area altogether. Catering, drinks, waiters, DJ, cake and cake cutting, live music, you name it the list is long!

Imagine all this and more, during the high season with local temperatures of close to 40 degrees, so the life of a destination wedding planner on the island of Rhodes, is fast, hot and furious!

Planning a wedding abroad without a wedding planner is a false economy

As a destination wedding planner on the island of Rhodes, my reputation is on the line every day during the summer months. Organising any wedding is no simple feat. For any couple contemplating a wedding abroad without a wedding planner, perhaps think again!

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your lives, you have travelled alongside your family and friends a long way for this special day, so enjoy it, let the wedding planner take over, no stress for you, just a whole lot of fun, love and romance!


Wedding Planner Greece: Unforgettable Rhodes Weddings